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Don’t Call Me Dear is an exclusive upscale women’s clothing boutique giving an unforgettable shopping experience with personal attention in a warm and comfortable atmosphere. Carrying the top labels in Ireland including our own Don’t Call Me Dear label this boutique is a definite when looking for an outfit for that special occasion. Don’t Call Me Dear carry clothing selections for Mother of the bride, occasion wear, racing style, jewellery, clutchbags, all your style add-ons as well as headpieces from Ireland’s top milliner’s. The lavish boutique offers an exclusive personal style service, which includes one-to-one advice from the experienced Style Advisors giving detailed Style Assessments. This will ensure that all our customers are well dressed, delighted with their choice and happy with the overall shopping experience. Owners Martie O Gorman and Angela Gilligan with their Style Advisors are well versed in fashion retail and styling lending themselves as the go-to for fashion advice and styling solutions.
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The Style Studio at Don’t Call Me Dear allows women to come to the boutique to learn about themselves and experiment with their personal style. It is the leader in providing exceptional service and assistance for women’s fashion needs giving the customer an overall fashionable, customer-oriented, innovative, refreshing, stylish and educational experience. The boutique is a place where women can go to transform themselves with beautiful clothes and take advantage of the Style Advisors and other services that help them determine the right clothes for their unique selves.

The Style Studio educates women, its helps you learn about the designers and labels, gather with your friends, and have fun during the process. The Style Studio not only carry items that help our customers look good, but you also help our customers maintain these items. Owners Martie & Angela will work with her top Style Advisors to create the atmosphere, colors and ideas that encapsulates these thoughts.