Don’t Call Me Dear believes in bringing the best service to their customers. As such, all our Style Advisors are trained to give style advise and match the best look with the individual. They will be available to assist customers with their Style Assessments, wardrobe planning, special orders and personal shopping. If a customer is pressed for time, she simply calls Don’t Call Me Dear to set up an appointment and there will be someone there to greet and assist her beyond normal business hours. Meet our Style Advisors below or pop in and say “Hello” to them

Martie O Gorman

from Cortoon, Tuam


Style Icon: Victoria Beckham she is so uber-glamourous even in a pair of flats and jeans (well you wouldn’t see her in these very often). She has gone from Posh Spice to Fashion Royalty. Going full circle her transformation into the World’s biggest modern day style icon is now complete. Victoria is actually responsible for some of my favourite trends like shoulder robe-ing the over-sized sunnies and her tailored designs. She has such amazing taste, and each year I love her collections more and more.

Style Tip: Mine is pretty simply Less is More. I see so many women over accessorising beautiful outfits you don’t even see the outfit anymore, the large neckpieces, over sized earrings and other jewels take over. There is a time and place for over accessorising but not when it comes to that special day. Let you wear the outfit and not the outfit wear you.

Interests: Having my own business keeps me very busy so when I have down time I enjoy nothing more than listening to some music and chilling. A perfect day is outside in the garden or a picnic with my beautiful children and our hairy friend Monty the dog who is part of the family.

Racing Style Tip: The outfit is what we all see as you walk down to the race course but if you are not wearing heels that you can actually walk in then new-born calf comes to mind! Buy your shoes a month in advance of the occasion and wear them a few times even around the house if you don’t want to scuff them. You need to feel comfortable to look comfortable.

Angela Gillian

from Tuam


Style Icon:  Has to be Jackie Kennedy, she is timeless with effortless and elegant style. Her attention to detail impeccable yet simple and easy to wear. Jackie is also a bonafide fashion icon who inspired millions with her chic wardrobe and effortless style. Jackie started more than a few trends during her first year in the White House, including popularizing the pillbox hat. Jackie had an ability to make even the most casual outfits look chic, and often paired headscarves with giant sunglasses when she was outdoors. I just love how her looks have filtered down through the years.

Interests: I enjoy my family time as much as I can. I am very busy with the boutique however when I get downtime I like to go on holidays with my children and husband. It is important that we get to spend quality time together as life goes by so quickly. I enjoy time with my friends and playing bridge whenever I get a free evening. Seems to be happening less these days however when I do get to play I enjoy all the more.

Style Tip:  When we have a special occasion we tend to bring our mother, our daughters, our sisters and our friends along for the shopping experience. This is a definite No No when choosing the right outfit. You will get confused by all the opinions being thrown at you that you will end up leaving with nothing or even with something you don’t like. The key to shopping is taking one trusted person with you, someone you know will give you an honest opinion without pushing their opinions on you. Take advice but always have the final call on your outfit.

Racing Style Tip: Its funny how both myself and Martie have the same advice here, don’t over accessorise. This is a frequent style blunder and is seen a lot. Remember not every outfit needs bling and bling certainly doesn’t need more bling. Keep it classy, keep it demure and don’t overdo it. As one fashion Icon once said “When you have all your accessories on before walking out the door remove at least one, then you have enough….”; Coco Chanel.

Joanne Dowling

from Craughwell


Style Icon: Robyn Wright Penn she oozes sophistication both as her character in house of cards and on the red carpet. She wears sharp tailored pieces with supreme confidence and also knows how to combine high street with high end effortlessly.

Interests: I love Fashion and shopping. Nothing like a day in Galway popping in and out of the shops and picking up some amazing pieces. Followed by a delicious dinner with a fine wine and a really good movie. That’s a perfect day!

Style Tip: The best tip I can give anyone that walks through the door of Don’t Call Me Dear is to keep an open mind and try styles of clothing that you haven’t even thought of before. The key to looking good is feeling good. You will know the outfit is the right one when you feel absolutely amazing wearing it.

Racing Style: A classic and well-tailored dress never seems to fail the judges on Ladies Day at any race meeting.  Remember accessories are key therefore an unforgettable pair of heels, a piece of statement jewellery finished off with that amazing headpiece. Remember though…Simple Classic looks is often the best

Rebekah Sibley Waters

from Athlone


Style Icon: Sienna Miller she is a lady that is effortlessly chic, classic and edgy. She is never afraid to try out the latest trends and knows how to work high street as well as designer. I don’t actually think she has ever got a look wrong. She sings sophistication and confidence.

Interests:  I am such a foodie. I enjoy trying all sorts of dishes and experimenting with food. This is always great for my other pastime entertaining with friends. My other love in life is travelling. I have travelled to some interesting places in the world and someday I would like to say “I have seen it all”.  Being married to a native Connemara man has given me a big interest in the Irish language, sooner rather than later I would like to become affluent in speaking it.

Style Tip The best advice I would offer to all my customers coming in is to make sure you have good support underwear on when shopping. There is no point having a beautiful dress on with the wrong fitting underwear. It is so important to shop with the underwear that you will more than likely wear with your outfit. A really good support undergarment can change the whole look of your outfit. You can easily go from a size 14 to a size 12.

Racing Style Tip: Elegance comes from looking appropriate for the occasion. It is important to keep the hem line below the knee. Teaming it then with the correct amount of accessories, fabulous pair of shoes and that show stopping headpiece.

Pamela Ward

from Kilcolgan


Style Icon:  Eva Mendes. Always looks so gorgeous. She has an effortless, sophistication with an old school glamour feel to how she looks. Eva always as a look that she can’t live without the same type of easy floral-print dress. She has one in particular by Dolce & Gabana that she has worn a million times—and been paparazzi’d in a million times. She knows what type of style suits her body and it works.

Style Tip: Go with what suits your body shape and always feel comfortable in what you have selected. Trends happen all the time so I always advise to try not to follow the current trends. Take a key staple piece from each season and this will stay in your wardrobe for years to come. When choosing that outfit for your special occasion it is imperative to invest in good underwear. No matter how expensive your outfit is if you don’t have good underwear you will not look your best.


Racing Style Tip: Everyone sees the outfit you are wearing but the judges see the grooming. It is a definite to have hair and make-up done right. Unless you are fantastic at make-up getting your makeup done by a professional is nearly always a must on ladies’ day.  Don’t think you can hide the chipped nail polish; perfectly manicured nails are a must to complete the look. And nothing finishes off the look more than a smile so enjoy yourself.

Marie Creaven

from Caherlistrane


Style Icon: Audrey Hepburn is the most amazing Style Icon her style never dates. Every year trends always include an element of the Audrey Hepburn style. She is the queen of gamine charm, what she wore a half century ago is still in style and noone can rival her ability to look completely feminine in tomboy staples. I just love her utterly enduring style.


Style Tip: For me it is about trying something outside of the box that you would normally go for. It’s amazing how many customers we meet that have an image in mind of how they should look, they then try something totally different and end up going for that look they would never have tried. Myself and the other Style Advisors really look at a lady’s shape and knows what is right for them. The customers just need to try on a few different styles before seeing the one that really suits them Never be afraid to try something different.

Racing Style: A simple dress always works paired with minimal accessories, a statement headpiece and always ensure your shoes are perfect. It is important to have a dress that sits a little below the knee, this is more ladylike and shows sophistication. Racing style is about going to the Races not about going to a nightclub. Be confident in your decision and be comfortable in your shoes.